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Outlaw Legacy Warriors is an allience of internet outlaws, hackers, and for the majority... trolls. Outlaw Legacy Warriors started out as an E-Federation and was known by another name, "Outlaw Legacy Wrestling"; this E-Federation was run by Raj Singh and Cato Nexus. After some time OLW E-Federation slowly became less active untill the point of where is was dead; Raj Singh was left with the OLW E-Federation, whereas on Xat, Cato Nexus founded NRS "Nexus Robot Squad" but then an idea came to Cato Nexus; Raj Singh and Cato Nexus combind Outlaw Legacy Wrestling with Nexus Robot Squad, creating the Outlaw Legacy Warriors - Alliance. There are no rules for us Outlaw Warriors so if you want to join we don't deal with propper applications, just ask either Raj Singh or Cato Nexus, and we'll let you in. 

Outlaw Legacy Warriors - Alliance